CODA UK and Ireland Awareness Campaign

1401913947CODA UK and Ireland are a not for profit Community Interest Company (CIC), aiming to provide: Support, Information and Guidance to CODAs (Children of Deaf Adults), of all ages, their families and the wider community.

They provide services such as workshops and camps for under 18’s as well as retreats and conferences for over 18’s.  They also provide face to face and remote support for families and professionals that work with them.  Their library and website are filled with resources and their Board are CODAs so bring an empathetic and experiential stance to the organisation.

CODA UK and Ireland email:
CODA UK and Ireland website:

Since appearing on CBBC “My Life: Signing Off” they have had lots of Deaf parents contacting them about their KODA (Kids of Deaf Adults) workshops. They decided to do a survey to find out where they need to set up other KODA Workshops across the UK and Ireland.  It may be that your members and service users might be interested in participating so you can email them the link below.  If you would be interested in working with CODA UK and Ireland on a project like this or you know of a similar project already either within your organisation or locally do get in touch.

CODA UK and Ireland survey: