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Report into Healthcare services for Deaf people in Oxfordshire

This report looks at the experiences of Deaf people living within Oxfordshire, when attempting to access healthcare services.  It sets out how problems were identified and makes recommendations to tackle inequality and how to give Deaf people a stronger voice as patients.

Healthwatch Oxfordshire approached Sign Lingual UK, in reference to carrying out more extensive research, into experiences of the local Deaf community and their access to healthcare.   The project was part funded by Healthwatch Oxfordshire.

A professional Deaf crew was recruited to carry out the research.  This comprised of a Deaf cameraman, director and editor for the footage and also a Deaf consultant to carry out the interviews with the Deaf participants.

You can choose how you would like to see the report below.  Click either (BSL) for the report in British Sign Language or English to see a PDF version of the full report in written English.  We have also added the full experiences of participants in British Sign Language, re-told by professional translators.

Full report with recommendations


All experiences re-told by professional translators


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