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Deaf Awareness

When people are new to a task or situation, they can often find themselves feeling awkward and unprepared. It is a common experience for hearing people meeting or dealing with D/deaf people for the first time to find themselves speaking slowly, in an unusually loud voice, with strangely exaggerated lip patterns and bizarre gesticulation.

Follow that with the dawning realisation that they do not know what the politically-correct way of saying ‘Deaf person’ actually is… and you have the perfect recipe for communication meltdown!

Sign Lingual UK offers Deaf Awareness training to help individuals and teams of staff to become more familiar with the issues that exist between the hearing and Deaf Communities, and to offer strategies that minimise or resolve them – promoting full and effective communication.

Both the full-day and half-day session will feature Deaf Awareness and BSL training, with the full-day session offering more in-depth course with a greater variety of signs to be taught and practised, such as fingerspelling, basic greetings and introductions, and other general conversational signs. These sessions can be held at your place of work or various venues as required.

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